Minuend, Subtrahend, and Difference Calculators

A subtraction problem is an arithmetic operation with three parts: the minuend, the subtrahend, and the difference. The minuend is what you start with, the subtrahend is what you take away from the minuend, and the difference is the result you end up with.

If you know any two of the three parts, you can find the missing part. We have created three different calculators below. The first one calculates the difference, the second one calculates the minuend, and the third one calculates the subtrahend.

Calculate the Difference
Here you know the minuend and the subtrahend, and you want to find the difference.

Calculate the Minuend
Here you know the subtrahend and the difference, and you want to find the minuend.

Calculate the Subtrahend
Here you know the minuend and the difference, and you want to find the subtrahend.

Do you want to know how our three subtraction calculators work? Check out these explanations:

How to calculate the difference
This is the most common subtraction operation that you are most likely to use. Here we simply subtract the subtrahend from the minuend:

minuend - subtrahend = difference

How to calculate the minuend
Here we know the difference and what we are subtracting, but not what we started with. To find the minuend, we add the difference and the subtrahend together:

minuend = difference + subtrahend

How to calculate the subtrahend
We saved the most difficult one for last. In this scenario, we know what was subtracted (minuend) and the result (difference), but not the starting amount. To find the subtrahend, we subtract the minuend from the difference and then multiply the result by negative 1:

subtrahend = (difference - minuend) × (-1)

There you have it! We hope you find our subtraction calculators and explanations helpful.

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